Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moravian Love Feast

Best part of a Love Feast according to Anneliese? The sweet bread.

That's my girl.

Kate's 7th Birthday

Seven?! What the heck? This was our "big party" year, and since the petting zoo party was out (it's cold in December, y'all) - Kate picked Salem Gymnastics! Despite the Karate Invitational going on at the same time - (those folks are LOUD!) - it was pretty great.

Appropriate Snow Attire

Have you met Anneliese? She has VERY specific ideas on clothes. You know the saying - pick your battles? Yeah, we're not picking this one. Yet. (check back when she's 13) Despite our suggestions and encouragement, Anneliese decided this outfit was perfectly appropriate for our first snow day of the season.

Fortunately, this lasted about 5 minutes. Snowsuits have been our go-to gear ever since.

Running Away

So far, Kate is smart enough to wait for a ride when she wants to run away.

Adam and Amy Got Maaaaaaaarried!

Our sweet friends Adam and Amy got married in November, so Blake and I decided to clean ourselves up a bit for a swanky night wedding! Even Kate put on a dress! Yeah, we don't get out much.

Oh, and also! I got to host the Bridesmaids luncheon! Check out the pretty table. (here's what you don't see: me googling "setting a table" - because I can NEVER remember which side the forks go on! my mom would be so disappointed! shhhh!) And. Tip for future brides: we've been married for 10! years and this is the first time my fancy china has graced any table. Register for tools instead.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Halloween 2010

Black Cat and Zookeeper of course. Oh, excuse me. A Black Scottish Fold and Zookeeper. Of course.

Anneliese turns 4!

Toasted marshmallows, dog dog bone (aka - duck duck goose), pin the tail on the cat, hopscotch, creepy cookies, PIGS! RABBITS! SNAKES! COWS! LIZARDS! FERRETS! BEST! SHOTWELL! BIRTHDAY! EVER! Happy Birthday sweet, funny Anneliese!
(oh, and a shout-out to Kiddie Kritterz for the animals. awesome.)

Blake's Birthday

Blake loves a game. Since my super awesome surprise party for him got rained out last year, we decided to try again. But this time not so awesome, or surprisey, or rainy. We just went with the traditional super outside gamey birthday. And it was - friends, football, cookies, chalk, icy rubdowns . . wait. what? Yeah, it was pretty hot. Check it out. (click on the slideshow to see them all)