Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shotwell Christmas

The next Christmas stop was in Roxboro at Blake's parents house. More food, more presents, more family! Kate found true love in Silvermist the fairy (she definitely does not prefer blondes. Take that Hitler.) And Anneliese found her true love in Pinkie Pie. I wish you could hear this thing talk. Fun times!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning brought 2 big horses a few Littlest Pet Shop animals and a whole bunch of other stuff that I've already forgotten (how sad is that?!). As usual, Kate decided to put her new stuff (and her old favorites) to work in its' first major production - The Parade. While at first glance, you may think "well, the giant new horse is obviously leading this parade." - you would be mistaken. Look a little closer and you'll see that, much like Kate - it's the tiniest one that yields all the power. Oh yeah - and Anneliese got some gloves. She really loves her gloves.

Sutton Christmas

Our first big Christmas extravaganza this year was at my mom and dad's on Christmas eve. After a nice fatty breakfast (yum!) we opened presents. The big hits for the girls were the dog and matching puppy in a dog carrier and the cd player with 2 microphones. Every time Anneliese would hear herself on the microphone they would both crack up. It was pretty funny and if I ever figure out how to reduce the size of these stinkin' movies I'll show you! Thanks mom and dad!

The Christmas Outfit

This is a picture of Kate's preschool Christmas program. Hey - who is that poor kid who's mom didn't dress her in the appropriate Christmas attire? Oh yeah, that would be Kate. Apparently I'm the only mother in the greater triad area who didn't get the memo that Christmas program = red + green. Sorry Kate.