Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Miller Park

These are the days when I'm especially glad to have children. Sorry Blake, I really would LOVE to play soccer on a wide open field in the blazing heat, but I've got these kids. I guess I'll just hang out on the shady playground and take some pictures. Maybe next time?

School Days

This year we had not one, but TWO big girls going to school. Kate started first grade and Anneliese started preschool. Kate LOVES first grade, and consistently tells me that it's way better than kindergarten. And despite her insistence that she would not start school this year, Anneliese is loving preschool. (As is her mom who can get more accomplished in 3 hours alone than in an entire week with her lovely ladies.)

Collin's Birthday

It's hard to believe this chunk came into the world 2 months early and could fit in the palm of his dad's hand. What a difference a year makes, huh?! And what a fun party! Water guns anyone?

Newest Addition

August saw the arrival of the newest addition to the Melrose/Swift Drive Team. London Grayson Rawls was born on August 11th, and (despite the screaming picture!) is a super sweet and handsome, tiny wrinkled baby boy! We're going to have to find bigger couches pretty soon.