Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Josh and Allison get maaaaaarried!

And Kate and Anneliese had the honor of being Flower Girls. (and yes, they walked down the aisle like pros. and yes, they squirmed during the ceremony.) It was a pretty fantastic weekend altogether. Gospel-centered from start to finish, great food and music, corn hole and horses. I even got the girls to take some pictures at Old Salem after the bridesmaids luncheon. Good times.


Kate had been asking for a bunny for months. MONTHS. Every time her class had media, she'd come home with the same 2 rabbit books. Every. Time. We spent HOURS on those books. She knew her stuff. So finally, with the help of Blake's dad making the (outdoor!) rabbit hutch, we got the bunny. 2 days later, we went back and got Anneliese one. So it goes, indeed.
Meet Cutey (with Kate) and Swan (with Anneliese). They're actually pretty fun. And did you know that they will sit completely still with the girls for the entire length of Bambi? It's pretty amazing and I don't predict that it will last long - but we're enjoying it for now!
From Bunnies
From Bunnies

First Love

In June I had to say goodbye to my first true love; Fletch. (also know as Fletcher, Chunky, Cheeks, Fatness and Lumpy) Anneliese was appropriately sad. We cried. We hugged. We talk about Fletch often. Kate asked for a cat on the way out of the vet's office. So it goes . . .
From fletch
From fletch

Save the cash.

So you can't get to DisneyWorld. I get it. Here are some things your kids will love every bit as much (or more!) than Disney. I promise.
1. Running through the sprinkler.
2. Balancing dangerously high.
3. Finding treasure in the streets. You may want to offer some parental supervision for this one. Depending on what kind of day you're having.
4. Chasing bubbles.
5. Eating ice cream the size of your head. (Helpful hint: They sell these at Costco for a buck fifty!!)
6. Splashing in puddles. (if said puddles are in the street, you may want to see the note on parental supervision in #3. maybe)
7. Chasing ducks. Or any other wildlife really.
8. Giant bubble baths.
9. Playing dress-up.
10. Flowers in the hair.

Disney - Part 3

Days 3 and 4 were Magic Kingdom again and Epcot for the first time. We did the MK at night for the parade and light show. Here's a tip: Get there ridiculously early and STAY BEHIND THE TAPE. I'm not kidding people. And if you think I'm letting you waltz in 5 minutes before it's about to start and get in my tape and block the view for my girls. Well, you'd be wrong. Ahhh, the happiest place on earth!

Disney - Part 2

Day 2 was at Animal Kingdom. I think. My favorite for sure.

Disney - Part 1

Yep, we went to DisneyWorld. We said long ago that we would try to take each of the girls when they were 5. With Kate, it was just Kate. Anneliese was only 2 then and well, that just seemed like a nightmare. (I love you Anneliese!) The biggest difference in the 2 trips? You might think it would be the weather since we went in November last time. But you'd be wrong. (although it was 10 degrees hotter this time around. And Anneliese does seem to perish just walking across the Costco parking lot when it's 85 outside.) The biggest difference was adding that extra kid. Both girls had a great time, but 2 girls at DisneyWorld is vastly different than 1 girl. The good times were better! (Oh, but those bad times . . . ) Seriously, though - it's DisneyWorld. We were blessed to go and had a great time. Here's proof:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Photo Shoot

I do some marketing stuff for a kid's place here in Winston. (And if you're in Winston and haven't been to Funigan's, we need to talk. For reals. It's great.) So when I needed a model for one of my ads, Anneliese graciously volunteered. For about 7 minutes. Good thing she's cute.


And caterpillars. Of course.


The girls have been blessed with an Uncle Kyle who has a pretty sweet fishin' hole. We finally got to take advantage of it and had a great time in the rain. We were catching fish like crazy. Nothing like setting your children up for a lifetime of disappointment and impatience in every other fishing venture. Thanks Uncle Kyle (and Aunt Kelly!).

70's day

Kate should have been a Flower Child.

Kate's First Grade Class does a Poetry Bash each spring. They memorize poems all year, then put on the big bash for their families. It's pretty amazing how much a little 7 year old brain can memorize. What's even more amazing it that that same 7 year old brain can NOT seem to remember the 3 morning chores that are done each and every morning. EACH and EVERY morning. 3 simple chores. Seriously.

I love you Kate!!!

From 70s day
From 70s day
From 70s day
From 70s day
From 70s day

Little Digger

Movin' dirt. That's all.
From Digger
From Digger
From Digger

Christmas in Goldsboro 2011

Yeah, I know it's June. But since we celebrated the Sutton Christmas in March, I figure I'm just about on time with this post. Don't ask why we celebrated in March. At this point I have no idea. I think it had something to do with snow and sickness. We doubled up and celebrated Grandmother Jean's birthday on Saturday, followed by the Sutton Christmas on Sunday. Spending the night at Grandmother Jean's was a first (and last. shhhh. don't judge. you haven't tried it.) - and the highlight was definitely the girls' sleeping positions on the pull-out couch. Check it:
Sunday was the Sutton Christmas Extravaganza! Woo hoo! OK, I have no pictures except these that I took in the field on the way out. Do you see the beloved Christmas gift?