Monday, April 19, 2010

The Big Christmas Hit

3 days filled with opening hundreds of dollars worth of presents from all kinds of family and this; this, my friends, is what the girls fight over. (despite the fact that Anneliese looks like a slave laborer).

The $4 Little Tykes broom. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Shotwell Family Christmas

We headed down to Blake's parents' house around lunchtime on Christmas. With double the kids this year - we knew it would be a little crazy, but it was really fun. We did manage to get all the kids together for a picture. Proud cousin Kate was in charge of getting baby Collin to stop crying, and Anneliese got a turn feeding him. Kensleigh was in charge of being a perfect baby - and she did great as always. (seriously - she is one good baby!) And we even got a family picture in. Oh - and that ornament Anneliese is holding in the first picture? Yeah - she totally broke that about 30 seconds later. Nice Anneliese.

Christmas Day

The "big" gift this year was a train table. I know - 2 girls?, train table?, really? Yeah - I think that's what Kate was thinking when she saw it, too. (Did you see her face in that first picture?) But with the emphasis on the table part and not so much the train, it has quickly transformed into "dog carnival fair" - and they're loving it. Whew!

update: as it is now spring when I'm actually posting this, I'd like to add that it makes a fantastic caterpillar carnival fair, too. also - if you're coming over, watch out for caterpillars.