Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Uh - Way to keep up the blog Angela!

My good intentions at keeping up with this blog  - well, you see when the last post was. So what the heck is going on with us? Here's the short list! Blake is staying busy working, playing softball, keeping up with the progress on our new church building and reading, reading to get ready to be a deacon at our church - oh! and being a super great dad! I'm staying busy teaching, designing a history book for Blake's parents' church, studying for a NEW class to teach, taking care of the best 2 girls around - oh! and starting a new business venture with my mom. More on THAT later - but it's super exciting and lots of work! And those girls - here's a little of what they've been up to:
Kate - finishing up her LAST year of preschool (picture from the Mother's Day Tea), learning how to be a cousin to new baby Kensleigh and catching bugs. Lots of bugs.
Anneliese - entertaining (torturing) the dogs, painting (and kissing the easel to show her appreciation of her work), and making us laugh. A lot. 
Hope you all are doing well. More soon(ish)!