Thursday, October 15, 2009

I like Ruby

Kate's latest passion is writing books. She used to be the illustrator and I was the ghost writer, but now that she can write some words, she's on her own. Her latest is dedicated to Ruby, the beloved dog of Amy and Allison. This one's for you girls!

New family pics

When we realized that Anneliese had no hair in the last family pictures we had taken, we finally decided it was time to do it again.

And if you're looking for a great photographer, folks - check out Sally Gupton ( - and check out her August 12th blog post at for a Jak&Jewel shout out)! She was way fun to work with and did a great job. Even the butterflies cooperated with her!

Here's what happened when we loaded up the car with clothes and headed out to the field on Meadowlark Dr. here in Winston. (I think if you click on the slide show - it will take you to a larger version. Because I'm so sure you want to see us all bigger and stuff.) And, yeah - that's Blake climbing a silo.

The Unforgettable Fair!

Yep - the fair. Rides, animals, funnel cake, racing pigs, Ed and Heba, flu shot. It's all there.

I wish I could come up with something a little more clever here, but honestly - it's 10:30 and I just finished making the ugliest cake in history for Anneliese's birthday party. We're really banking on "tastes better than it looks" folks. Seriously. Good night.


If you know Blake - you know the boy loves a party. And he loves games. What better excuse to bring these things together than a surprise party for his birthday! I had such grand plans . . . Sadly, the weather had bigger plans that day. SO - my extravagant rent out Joanie Moser softball field for an afternoon of games got moved to our house. Yes friends, that meant @ 20 adults and 15 kids in. our. house. And it was great! No - there was no flag football or cornhole, but there was a little Dance, Dance and a pretty mean game of Cranium. And the Bradshers and Crawfords stuck it out the whole day through dinner for probably the last pizza party before the Bradshers head out to Africa. Pretty sweet Plan B if you ask me. Happy Birthday Blake!

Prima Ballerina

Anneliese started dance a couple moths ago. "Creative Dance" is what they call it - and what an appropriate name it is! But I think we've found her true passion. And I'm really liking the fact that dance day is the ONLY time she'll let me come near her hair - (see the sweet side pony she's rockin'? - and today it was FRENCH BRAIDS!! oh, the cheap thrills of a mom.) She likes to come up with her own moves on the side and tell me, "Miss Lauren has GOT to see this one!" Good times indeed!

playing catch up . . . again!

I noticed that I've only had one post for the last couple of months - and I'm determined to get back on track. Starting half way through the month isn't a great sign, but here we go! So what's up lately? Kind of a lot and not a lot all at the same time.

We welcomed our first nephew/boy cousin in August which took us all by surprise since he wasn't expected until about a week or so from now - but he's a super strong little guy and is hanging out at home now. The girls and I are so looking forward to meeting him hopefully this weekend!

We had a great Raleigh weekend in September and got to visit some old friends. Mandi, Brooke and I lived together in college and still make a pretty decent attempt to get together as much as we can. Our girls (except big girl Kate) are all around the same age and have a good time together. Now that they're old enough to entertain themselves, we actually get to talk to each other when we get together which is a nice change!

We also were able to go down to Goldsboro to visit my grandparents. Grandaddy Bill had been pretty sick, but he was still able to get those girls giggling! We had a great last visit, and will miss Grandaddy loads, but feel super blessed that he was our Grandaddy and that he stuck around as long as he did.

OK - stay tuned. More coming soon.