Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sutton Christmas in Winston

So the snow moved in on Christmas day, and instead of risking cancellation of Sutton Christmas 2010, we scooted on over to mom and dad's a day early. (let's all take a moment here to recognize the bigness of this "flexibility." my mom is a crazy good hostess - but she does love a plan. mad props to mom for winging it. even if we did have to sit in the driveway for 5 minutes before we could come in because she had to finish something. don't worry, it was worth the wait.)

So we head downstairs for presents. And if you know Kate, you know she's not one for public displays of affection. Which I respect, because, let's face it - I'm no hugger. Well, along comes the Playmobil Vet Care Center. The moment Kate had been waiting for. For months. Best. Present. Ever.

Oh, and Anneliese's favorite? Leg rides. And candy.

Christmas at Home

My favorite part of Christmas 2010? The first ever Christmas Eve service at 1.21 church. Mom and Dad came. Kate stood holding her candle and shaking her bells and singing every word of every song. (Anneliese took her bell ringing just as seriously.) Speirs stole the communion bread. And we all worshiped Jesus with our 1.21 family, which has turned out to be every bit as important as the family we travel to see at the holidays. Fan.tastic.
As for the next morning at our house, I'm thinking this was the first of many "Christmas of the Animals." Kate and Anneliese (Kate, in particular) have inherited my love of all things animal (especially dog), and taken it to a level I didn't know existed. SO, we had a Barbie Vet Center, Pinkie the long-tailed pink cat, Joshua the chihuahua in a bag, mom and 3 baby rats (yeah, rats. blame ikea), Playmobil dog circus, miniature cats and cat stand, miniature rabbits and rabbit hutch, dog and cat hats, owl umbrella, Magic Puppy book and horse jewelry box. OH, and slap bracelets! Remember those?!
And breakfast? Monkey bread. Of course.

Christmas in Roxboro

Must. Finish. Christmas. Posts. Before. March.
Here goes! Since memories of Christmas are fading fast (that was 2 MONTHS ago people! I don't remember yesterday!), I'm giving a shout out to the highlights that I actually do remember.
Christmas in Roxboro:
• New Winter Coats bought on the way (after a "firm" suggestion from Anneliese's teacher that she really should have a heavier coat for playtime outside. one of my most stellar mom moments for sure.)
• Disastrous gingerbread village
• Cousin Time
• LOTS of Puppy Chow (or White Trash. or 3 lbs. or whatever you want to call it.)
• The funniest Christmas Pageant ever. Seriously. I really wish we had Aunt (Angel) Kelly's video. Oh, the singing. There are no words.