Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why I'll never be a childrens' photographer

I've long since let go of the idea that I'll ever get a good picture of my 2 girls together. I'm trying to embrace the fact that Anneliese just wants to dance, jump and/or put something in front of her face and that Kate will NEVER look at the camera, and will most likely strike some sort of "pose" that just seems to be missing a pole. (Where did she learn that from anyway?!)
So here you go - the best of the worst. Say cheese!

Shotwell Beach Trip 2010

Last week we were lucky enough to be treated to a few days at the beach by Blake's parents. We had a GREAT time. (Thanks Frank and Joyce!) Blake's sister and her family were able to come, too, so Kate got to "babysit" Kensleigh (also known as the easiest baby in the world!). Kate was in heaven!
If only we could hire her out this young. . .

Last Days of Kindergarten

Kate had a fabulous year at Kindergarten. Two great teachers and a load of really sweet kids. Here are some pictures from her field trip to Lazy 5 Ranch and awards day. Oh - and Kate's award was for her love of animals. Yep, that's about right. Apparently every time Mrs. Moss would read a story and ask, "what would make this story better?" Kate's response (every. time.) - "if there was a dog in it!"