Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camping Trip!

We finally decided that Anneliese was old enough to brave the untamed wilderness of the KOA campground. We went when Kate was about her age and it was a big hit, so we hit the road early Friday morning and made the trek up to Boone.

As Blake was trying to convince Kate to go to sleep the night before, he reminded her that she needed to be rested for the big trip. Without missing a beat - she said, "Don't worry dad, I'll take my chances." Really? What do you say to that? Blake just shook his head and walked out.

Well, the trip was a big, exhausting hit. From the dogs at the campground, to the bunk beds in the cabin (yeah - I said cabin. we're not crazy, folks!), to the big 'ol Jeanette style camping breakfast, to the s'mores to - the highlight of the weekend - Tweetsie Railroad. While Kate was more interested in the foliage out her window than the Cowboy/Indian interaction on the actual train ride - she had a blast on the Tweetsie Twister and the Tilt-O-Whirl. Thank goodness we had multiple adults to take turns riding with her! Only a 5 year old could handle those things 3 times in a row! Super trip overall - Thanks Omi and Papa!

Birthday Sneaks

My mom took the girls for an afternoon of shopping for my birthday present. While they were distracted by a new fish tank, and didn't get much shopping done - they did have time to get some cupcake decorating in - and here's proof! And did I mention they were Dewey's pink lemonade cupcakes? Yum!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Opening Soon!!!!

Some of you already know the plan, but for those who don't - my mom and I are in the process of starting a business making (mainly) little girls clothes, but a (very) few things for moms and boys.

It all started when my great grandmother Jewel died and my mom got a Suburban FULL of fabric. Which got us thinking that we should make some things for the girls. Which got us thinking that we could make things for other people, too. Which got us thinking that we should go look at MORE fabric. Which got us thinking that this was kind of fun! Which got us thinking that we should have a name for ourselves - which led to Jak&Jewel. (J=Jeanette - my mom, A=Angela and Anneliese, K=Kate and Jewel=my dead great grandmother who started this whole mess!)

Here's a small sampling of what we're doing. And if you're around August 14th and 15th - come by the house to our DEBUT SHOW!! More details to come.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

That's it!

The end of the beach pics. Seriously.

Around the house. Around the pool.

Yeah, we're almost done with these beach pictures - just hang on. If you're ever in need of a great, off the beach condo or townhouse to stay in at North Myrtle - check out the Barefoot Resort. We had nearly as much fun in the house as out of it! Highlights included RedBox videos (Snow Buddies and Thumbilina), Kate's new BrainQuest workbook (hopefully that work ethic will stick around for the next 16 years or so!) and Anneliese's animals - who love pink lemonade. The animals also made a guest appearance at the pool along with the sassy mermaid and daisy towels. Just 2 girls - hangin' at the beach!