Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 Things You're Guaranteed to See at Myrtle Beach. Part 1

#3 - Too Much Skin. Seen below on "Alex". (Which brings us to #4 - just shy of making the list this year: Children With Little to No Parental Supervision. On The Beach.)

Yes, "Alex" spent a good deal of time with us making sand castles. And I spent a good deal of time watching hundreds of vacationers walk by wondering, "why doesn't that woman kindly tell her son to pull up his swimsuit."

Ah, Myrtle Beach. Here's a peek at some more of the fun. And more of the skin.

3 Things You're Guaranteed to See at Myrtle Beach. Part 2

#2. Wildlife

In the past we've hit Alligator Adventure and the Aquarium - both completely on the up and up, super fantastic fun. This year we decided to go a different route. And boy did we. The Waccatee Zoo. Seemed "quaint" on the brochure.

It all started out nice enough. Some wild peacocks, some ostrich's grazing in a grassy field. But the further along you got, the more you got a sense that this place was just some crazy guys illegal animal collection gone wild. Shady. In every sense of the word.

Which takes us to the boardwalk. Decidedly NOT shady. But there was ice cream. And once we got Anneliese's in a cup we were all better.

3 Things You're Guaranteed to See at Myrtle Beach. Part 3

#1. Some poor schmuck in a fit of frustration trying to get a family picture. In this case, me.

All right girls. Can you just give me 1 good minute and then we'll be all done. I just want 1 picture, so if you can both just look at the camera then we're done, ok? Here we go - Anneliese, can you smile? Just one - then we're done. Kate - that's beautiful! Just look at the CAMERA and smile. Anneliese. Smile. OK - look, how many fingers am I holding up - just look here. No - Anneliese, you don't have to count the numbers on YOUR fingers, just look at MY fingers. Just forget the counting - just look at me and smile!!!!!! Kate, you're doing great - Anneliese, no put Oliver down. I'll take a picture of Oliver later. Fine, leave Oliver in but LOOK at ME! Seriously girls, we'll be done if you just LOOK and SMILE. That's it! Just 2 things - LOOK and SMILE. Yes, Kate I see the airplane.

Just forget it. Let's go to the beach.

Aaaaaaaand, a final look at the beach week 2010 fun.