Friday, May 17, 2013


So that's what it's like to have (a) a boy, (b) 3 kids, (c) 1 1/2 years of adoption under your belt. This mess is not easy.

I remember going to a get-together for families who had adopted from Uganda shortly after we finished our home study. There were 2 families there who had just returned home from Uganda with their girls and they had this shell-shocked, glazed over look in their eyes and I just did. not. get. it. They had exactly what we were longing for - their kids at home - why weren't they just beaming?!

Oh, I so get it now. Because nobody tells you how hard this is going to be before you come home. Or maybe they do and it just flies right over your head because all you care about is getting over there. Either way - whew! So if YOU know anyone who recently come home with a new addition and you see the crazy in their eyes - send them my way. We can chat. :)

awwww . . . back when they all got along. that was a great 3 days. 

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